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 Report of Server Plans

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Report of Server Plans Empty
PostSubject: Report of Server Plans   Report of Server Plans Icon_minitimeMon Jan 05, 2009 2:23 am

Hi guys its me Hue and I would like to share what I'm planning to work on the server.

1. Try to solve why my Channel Batch is only loading 1 Channel when its suppose to be loading 2 Channels.
2. Enable Cash Shop
3. Add some player commands and some useful GM command right now really need !levelperson too many 201!
4. Block Pirate skills that are making people accounts bugged.
5.Hire Professional Game Masters that help the server its self but not only in the game.
5. Get Guild PQ up and running. ( I might reset Guilds Because theres old guilds from like Months ago.)
6. Auto Cody Pop up for Job Advancement from levels 30/70/120
7. Figure out whats been up with comcast which is making the server lag.
8. Server Restarts Every 6 hours ( So remember to @save)
9. Try to get more Pirate skills working
10. Need some more coders for help since Sekret is not Currently active right now.

Notice : Might not move to the v62 Server.
Notice : My IP can change any moment since I do not have static IP so if server goes down for a long period of time just contact me at AIM: hotboihieuonfiya MSN: Email: Youtube:02Huey
Or if I got the site back and up and not the server then meet in Chat room and Another thing when i fix the server I always change the description on my Youtube videos to the current site so yeah look out for that.

All this! So I ask for a return so vote
when its January 1st because xtremetop100 is going to reset so yeah! Vote continuously not only on January 1st 2009. So Vote Every 12 hours a Day!

How to really help getting votes up Public Libary , School Libary , Family , Friends, and anywhere there are alot of computers you can access to.

This Will be Edited Constantly!
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Report of Server Plans
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